About Us


I grew up on a typical farm back in the day, Chickens, hogs, cattle made for chores twice a day. We row cropped 200 acres with wheat, soybeans and corn. High interest and low prices in the late 70's early 80's forced my Father into taking on a construction job to save the farm. After graduation from 8th grade I began to help my father in general construction eventually finding my niche in interior trim and installing kitchen cabinets.

Mid 1988 I discovered some septic tank molds for sale and saw and opportunity for a business in the retail end of septic tanks and related supply's. December of 1988 was the month I began the business. I had one boom truck and a handful of molds. December 1988 is an easy month to remember as I married my sweetheart then as well! Manufacturing/retailing septic tanks and related supplies was quite different from interior trim work but has been very rewarding.

My two brothers Doug and Stan have contributed to the business over the years until Doug began a lumberyard and Stan moved to Colorado and operates a concrete finishing business. Currently my son DJ and I are the owners of Yoder's Septic Supplies, with the rest of our family contributing in so many ways, accounting, sales, cleaning the office and other areas as well! We have taken some intense training/classes to better understand the treatment of waste water and have years of experience in seeing what works and what doesn't!

We would love to help you in making the best decisions concerning the installation of your new septic system or the repair and maintenance of your existing system. We are a retail store but have a list of reputable pumpers, installers and repair technicians we highly recommend.